IFSO has submitted an amicus curiae brief to the European Patent Office regarding its referral on interpretting the exclusion of software from patentability. (See: all briefs, and IFSO's brief)


IFSO meeting will now be held in the Long Stone pub on Townsend Street (Third Tuesday of every month at 8pm)


The IFSO Agm was held following the Software Freedom Day celebrations; details can be found in the archives of the IFSO mailing list


IFSO writes to NSAI again regarding flaws in the proposed OOXML standard. Our letter can be read here.


IFSO writes to MEPs about ambiguities in IPRED2 (the "criminalisation" directive). Our letter can be read here.


The IFSO AGM will be held in the ICS rooms on Mount Street Crescent at 15:30 on Saturday March 3. Following the conclusion of business we will make an orderly withdrawal to a nearby public house. Thanks are due to the Irish Computer Society for the use of their rooms.


The application to fast-track the OOXML standard has been rejected. More information at the FSFE-IE list.


IFSO have written to the NSAI asking them to oppose Microsoft's request for a fast-track ISO approval of thei OOXML file format. Our letter can be read online.

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