English is a broken langauge

Usually the ability to use English accords a lot of advantages to it’s users. When it comes to software and in particular free software the usefulness of English fails the software community, of users, developers advocates, in fact everybody.

Free in everyday English has many meanings, however it is usually used in the context of “costless”, as opposed to Freedom. This leaves people with strange ideas about what Free Software is.

Let me give you a one liner which clears up how the word Free applies to Free Software.

Free as in Freedom, the freedom to use, study, run and share software with access to the source code is the definition when you see the word Free being used on this blog.

The right to say this comes with the licences we see attached to Free Software. There are a lot of licences and here is a good refrence for some of them:

The GNU websites list of licences

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